Valentines Day Baking Inspiration

We’ve compiled several valentines day baking projects that we thought you might want to try out for your sweethearts in the coming weeks.

Giant Heart Brownie Valentine

Who doesn’t love brownies? Put them in the shape of a giant heart and not only is it delicious but it’s perfect for your valentine! This one comes from and she also incorporates small brownie bites with this recipe as well. Want the recipe? Click here!


Valentine Chocolate Cherry Chip Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes are not only delicious but easy to make. These sweet cupcakes have a valentine twist to them by throwing in some cherry flavored chips. Perfect in every way for Valentine’s Day! This one comes from and you can find the recipe here.


Valentine Love Bug Cake Pops

Cake pops are a huge hit in the baking world. They are fun to make and pretty all at the same time. They are absolutely perfect for parties giving just the right amount of sweetness to party goers. This one comes from, you can find the recipe here.


Valentine Day Sugar Cookies & Cupcakes

You can never go wrong with sugar cookies, and when you add cupcakes & some extra creativity and flair – they automatically add more FUN into the end result.   We found this super creative & cute idea by Lisa from and you can find the step by step instructions here.


Tulip Baking Cups / Tulip Cupcake Liners – Product Highlight

Have you come across a muffin that’s been in one of those brown “wrappers” and wondered what are those “wrappers” called?  well – they are called Tulip Baking Cups and we proudly carry a full product line of them.


Let me share the detailed breakdown on them:

  • What are the colors they come in?
  • What is the bottom/base size of the baking cup?
  • How tall are these baking cups?
  • What does random vs uniform mean?
  • What do all the numbers mean?
  • Where can I get these in large quantities?

Ok, so to start – our Tulip baking cups are made with greaseproof paper.  You will need to use a baking pan, as these baking cups are not standalone.

What colors do they come in?

Brown, White, Red, Pink*

*Pink is available in limited quantities and sizes only. Get’em while they are in stock!

What is the bottom/base size of the baking cup?

They come in 2 main bottom/base sizes:

50 mm Base (~2 inches) – these fit a Standard muffin pan

35 mm Base (~1 3/8″ inches) – these fit a Mini muffin pan.

How tall are these baking cups?

There are several heights for Standard Bases (50 mm) tulip baking cups:

  • 175 – This correlates to ~2 3/4″ to 4″. Fits about 5 oz of batter
  • 160 – This correlates to ~2″ to 3 1/2″. Fits about 4 oz of batter
  • 150 – This correlates to ~1 3/4″ to 3″. Fits about 3.5 oz of batter
  • 132 – This correlates to ~1 1/4″ to 2 3/4″. Fits about 3 oz of batter.

Here is a picture of some of our tulip baking cups compared to a regular cupcake liner to provide a visual of the heights.


There is 1 height for the Mini Base (35 mm) tulip baking cups

  • 110 – This correlates to ~1 3/8″ to 2 1/s”. Fits about 1 oz of batter.

What does Random vs Uniform mean?

This is talking about the tips of the tulip. Random means that all tips in the liner are unique in height and not the same. You could have some taller, shorter, some with 3 tips, etc.  Uniform means that all tips in the liner are the same height. There isn’t any variation and all the baking cups will be exactly the same.

Would I recommend one over the other?  It is just about preference in what you want the muffin to look like as the end product. Some folks like the uniqueness of the random tip and some like the consistency of the uniform tip.

What do all the numbers mean? 

Our product listings typically have 3 different sets of numbers.

For example

175 x 50 – Tulip Baking Cups – 2000 count.

175 – this first number is talking about the measurements of the tulip paper when they are flattened out. The larger the number, typically the taller the tulip baking cup.

50 – this 2nd number is the bottom/base dimensions of the tulip baking cup. This will tell you whether it will be fitting into a standard muffin tin or a mini muffin tin.

2000 cnt – this 3rd number is the quantity that is in the product package.

Where can I buy them in large quantities?

At Bakers Stock of course! Check out our wholesale section for case pricing.


Halloween Treats for a Tasty Halloween

Can you believe we are almost to the month of October already? It seems like this year has flown by and with October’s arrival soon upon us it’s time to find some great Halloween baking creations. We have scoured the internet to find the best Halloween baking ideas for you and your family to test out this Halloween. Here are our top 5 Halloween baking ideas.

Scrumptious Chocolate Bat Cookies

Halloween_Baking_4Photo from

 These cookies are spooky and fit the Halloween theme perfectly. They are scrumptious and they will be devoured quickly. Serve these at your Halloween party this year and everyone will love your creepy creations. See the full recipe here.

Pumpkin Shaped Cake

Halloween_Baking_1Photo from

This super cute cake is just perfect for Halloween, and it can also be used at Thanksgiving. You can make this cake in several different ways. You can purchase a pumpkin shaped cake pan for the easiest way to baking this sweet creation. If you are more talented you can try your hand at sculpting this cake in the shape of a pumpkin. Learn more about this awesome cake creation here.


Yummy Skeleton Cupcakes

Halloween_Baking_2Photo from

These delicious chocolate cupcakes are extra special with their cute skeletons on top. Surprise your party guests with these delicious and cute skeleton cupcakes. They are relatively easy to make and everyone will love them. Who needs candy when you have cake? Don’t forget your cupcake liners, you could use black, brown, or orange for this delicious treat. View the full recipe here.

Special Spider Web Cupcakes

Halloween_Baking_3Photo from

These awesome cupcakes are extra special, you pull them apart for an awesome effect that they kids will love. It imitates a real spider web and they are delicious too! Everyone will love this neat cupcake treat and we think you will too! See the full recipe here.


Candy Corn Cake Pops

Halloween_Baking_5Photo from

These cake pops are going to be a huge hit with the kids, give them out as treats for trick-or-treaters or serve them up at your Halloween party. They are delicious and bring the Halloween spirit to wherever you decide to take them. See the full recipe here.


{I’m a Baker} Office Baking Competition using Tulip Baking Cups

One of our customers, Frankie, sent us some pictures of the cupcakes that she made for her office baking competition and an office food drive event for children.  Frankie won the people’s award for best appearance and taste — way to go!

Below are some picture highlighting her baking creations using our tulip baking cups

Office Cupcake Wars Competition – May 20, 2013

Frankie’s interpretation of a Black Forest Cupcake. Devil’s Food Cake cored and filled with milk chocolate Ganache, topped with vanilla bean pastry cream, Amarena cherries soaked in Kirsh and Valrohna chocolate shavings.


Office Food Drive Event – June 12, 2014

2014-06-12 21.33.49

café avec du chocolat – chocolate cake cored and filled and iced with espresso gananche topped with an edible decoration supported by 2 chocolate‑covered coffee beans


Great Job Frankie! Thanks for sharing your pictures and experience with us!


If you have any pictures or baking experience you’d like to share with us, send us an email at and we’d love to feature you.



{Party Feature} Super Train-tastic 2nd Birthday

It isn’t quite yet 6 months since we celebrated my little boy turning 2….and as the saying goes “better late than never”, so I’m proudly sharing some pics from his train themed birthday celebration!

Selecting the theme for his birthday was pretty easy this year – he loves trains.  He has a Thomas the Train wooden railway set that he plays with every day, so the thought of a train themed party seemed to fit right along his interests.

Train Birthday

Despite his birthday being in November, it had been a rather warm fall (Yes, we live in California) – so we opted to celebrate at the local neighborhood park.

For the cake, I decided to order a cake from the local grocery store and accented it with a train topper that I made from gum paste.  I got the how-to tutorial from this blog post and loved the idea of adding a couple extra train cars to carry two candles!


For extra dessert (we can’t only have cake!), we had some chocolate cupcakes and marshmallow pops!

Train Birthday

I designed some  printable invitations, cupcake flags and and then with putting some bright blue tablecloths on the benches – it brought the park right to life! For the party favors, I used some clear boxes, filled them with some train themed goodies and tied them up with red twine and blue twine!

Train Birthday

All in all, it was a great day. My little guy was thrilled to spend the day with family and friends and enjoyed several rides around the park on the Choo Choo train!

Train Birthday

Happy Train-tastic 2nd Birthday!!

Train Birthday



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