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Meet our Blog Contributors!


Aikko from Bake Happy:   I’m Aikko and I’m a banker by day. By night, remove the “n” in banker and you’ll meet my alter ego – Aikko, the baker. Sounds like a superhero? Not.
I started my blog when I was 26, when I found myself taking out lots and lots of chocolate cupcakes from the oven and I realized I wanted to remember that exact moment. Pretty soon the chocolate cupcakes will just be enzymes in friends and family’s stomach but I wanted it to be more than that. So then and there in between swatting off eager hands taking yet too hot cupcakes and mixing a batch of vanilla buttercream, I sat in front my laptop and created Bake Happy. I’m now 27 28 and I still can’t stop baking and blogging.

Jackie from My Kitchen Addictions:  I was raised on a farm, a real, live farmer’s daughter, but one might not be able to tell. My mom and my two grandmothers were awesome cooks and teachers of culinary techniques. My mom made sure my sister and me were members of 4-H where we were enrolled in cooking classes for many years. Some of my fondest childhood memories consist of times spent in 4-H leader kitchens, learning to cook and being at 4-H achievement days at the county fair.

I spent many summer days in the kitchen with my mom, grandmother and sister canning green beans, making strawberry and blackberry jams and preparing sweet corn for the freezer. Today, I consider myself a modern farm chick who is addicted to anything related to a kitchen.


Karen from Frosted with Emotion: Karen has always been creative, she has worked and applied her creative energy into doing many things but by far this is the most creative and energetic of any projects she has worked on.  Karen especially had a love for baking.  She was last seen in the corporate world back in 2008 but decided to raise her family, she didn’t realize at the time that she will be growing at a rapid pace of Mom-hood with a set of twins.  That is when Karen and her sister Joni ventured off and started baking and decorating cakes in 2009 for friends and family.
Although I regret to announce that Joni has decided to part ways with Frosted with Emotion, the product, the name, and the company will continue to thrive and impress.  Since 2009, Karen has taken courses throughout the city which includes courses taught by Toba Garrett at The Institute of Culinary Education in NYC. NYC.

Nilam from My Crunchy Life:   I’m Nilam, stay at home mom to a rambunctious daughter.  I love looking for ways to improve my family’s lives through greener, more earth friendly living and seeing the impact.  I like to cook, bake, play board games, and share what we’ve done on my blog!


Lisa from The Bearfoot Baker: I am Lisa and I love to bake! When I was a little girl, I would spend nights with my grandmother just so I could play in the kitchen while she cooked. Her banana pudding and chocolate pie was out of this world! While I was standing in that kitchen chair beside one of my favorite people in the world, my baking passion was born.

I have always baked for my family and friends but, few years ago, I was watching the Martha Stewart Show while I was cleaning the house. She had a guest named Dani Fiorie. Dani was decorating this cute little Santa cookie  with icing bottles. I bought that Santa cutter and those bottles and my baking went from a hobby to an obsession. Everyone who saw my cookies would ask me how to make them so, I started a blog. I love to create things in the kitchen and a blog was the perfect way to share a little sweetness.


Ann from Thibeault’s Table: Thibeault’s Table is a record of my day-to-day cooking and a place to share both my love of eating ~ cooking ~ and favourite recipes. Moe and I have been married for 33 years and we live on the west coast of Canada in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. I also maintain two other related blogs – The Maple Cutting Board Gallery and The Recipe Collection.


Norma from Deliciously Divine: Hi there I’m Norma from Deliciously Divine. I enjoy creating cakes, sweets and themed tables for life’s events and celebrations. I have been baking for quite some time now and have worked as part of a design team at a cupcake shop. My dad is a baker of over 60 years. I grew up with a plethora of decadent cookies and pastries. My siblings and I always looked forward to that “pink little box” when dad came home because we knew it was filled with goodies.

I enjoy getting inspiration from all the great bloggers out there and put my own twist on things! To view our latest sweet creations “like us” on Facebook, and follow us on Flickr & Pinterest


Susy from SusyPops:  Susy is a proud and devoted mom of two awesome kids (and a kitten)! She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Art History and Graphic Design from Florida Atlantic University. She also studied Art abroad in Florence-Italy and received numerous awards for academic and artistic excellence. Her creative work has been on display at several prestigious art exhibitions, including the 2006 Florida Artists Book Exhibition at the Bienes Center for Literary Arts and several events at the Ritter Art Gallery in Boca Raton.

SusyPops became part of Susy’s artistic life when she made them for her children’s fun birthday parties.  She saw what a huge success they were for children and adults alike – not only for Susy’s creative custom designs, but also for the wonderful flavor she puts into each cake pop.  Her family and friends encouraged her to start a business making cake pops and the rest is SusyPop history!

To view Susy’s latest cake pop creations, follow her on Facebook or if you want to place an order you can visit her website: SusyPops.


Jennifer from Not Your Momma’s Cookie: Hi, I’m Jennifer! I’m a bit of a rebellious baker. I started my blog to document my funny/weird/geeky treats and Not Your Momma’s Cookie was born! I love showing others how to conquer their kitchen fears and prove that they can make awesome desserts too. All you need is icing…and a little courage!