Tulip Baking Cups / Tulip Cupcake Liners – Product Highlight

Have you come across a muffin that’s been in one of those brown “wrappers” and wondered what are those “wrappers” called?  well – they are called Tulip Baking Cups and we proudly carry a full product line of them.


Let me share the detailed breakdown on them:

  • What are the colors they come in?
  • What is the bottom/base size of the baking cup?
  • How tall are these baking cups?
  • What does random vs uniform mean?
  • What do all the numbers mean?
  • Where can I get these in large quantities?

Ok, so to start – our Tulip baking cups are made with greaseproof paper.  You will need to use a baking pan, as these baking cups are not standalone.

What colors do they come in?

Brown, White, Red, Pink*

*Pink is available in limited quantities and sizes only. Get’em while they are in stock!

What is the bottom/base size of the baking cup?

They come in 2 main bottom/base sizes:

50 mm Base (~2 inches) – these fit a Standard muffin pan

35 mm Base (~1 3/8″ inches) – these fit a Mini muffin pan.

How tall are these baking cups?

There are several heights for Standard Bases (50 mm) tulip baking cups:

  • 175 – This correlates to ~2 3/4″ to 4″. Fits about 5 oz of batter
  • 160 – This correlates to ~2″ to 3 1/2″. Fits about 4 oz of batter
  • 150 – This correlates to ~1 3/4″ to 3″. Fits about 3.5 oz of batter
  • 132 – This correlates to ~1 1/4″ to 2 3/4″. Fits about 3 oz of batter.

Here is a picture of some of our tulip baking cups compared to a regular cupcake liner to provide a visual of the heights.


There is 1 height for the Mini Base (35 mm) tulip baking cups

  • 110 – This correlates to ~1 3/8″ to 2 1/s”. Fits about 1 oz of batter.

What does Random vs Uniform mean?

This is talking about the tips of the tulip. Random means that all tips in the liner are unique in height and not the same. You could have some taller, shorter, some with 3 tips, etc.  Uniform means that all tips in the liner are the same height. There isn’t any variation and all the baking cups will be exactly the same.

Would I recommend one over the other?  It is just about preference in what you want the muffin to look like as the end product. Some folks like the uniqueness of the random tip and some like the consistency of the uniform tip.

What do all the numbers mean? 

Our product listings typically have 3 different sets of numbers.

For example

175 x 50 – Tulip Baking Cups – 2000 count.

175 – this first number is talking about the measurements of the tulip paper when they are flattened out. The larger the number, typically the taller the tulip baking cup.

50 – this 2nd number is the bottom/base dimensions of the tulip baking cup. This will tell you whether it will be fitting into a standard muffin tin or a mini muffin tin.

2000 cnt – this 3rd number is the quantity that is in the product package.

Where can I buy them in large quantities?

At Bakers Stock of course! Check out our wholesale section for case pricing.


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Brown Cupcake Liners / Brown Baking Cups – what sizes do they come in?

Brown cupcake liners are one of our customers favorites. So we thought we’d share some details on our brown greaseproof cupcake liners and the differences in sizes.
Bakers Stock - Brown Cupcake Liners
We carry them in 3 different base sizes: Mini Base, Standard Base, Jumbo Base

MINI: The dimensions of our mini brown cupcake liners are: base:1 1 /2″ and height: 1″. The mini brown cupcake liners require a mini muffin pan. They are perfect for mini desserts.

STANDARD: The standard brown cupcake liners all have a base of 2″ and come in 3 different heights:
2″x 1 1/4″ (aka “Std”) – these are the standard height of your typical cupcake liner
2″x 1 3/8 “(aka “Special”) – these are slightly taller than the standard and give you “more” cake to eat!
2″ x 1 3/4″ (aka “Tall”)- these are the tallest cupcake liner in the standard base that we carry. You see these used most often as the cupcakery bakeries and used for special events. They are about a whole 1/2″ taller than the standard height ones.

JUMBO: The dimensions of our jumbo brown cupcake liners are: base:2 1/4″ and height: 1 7/8″. The jumbo brown cupcake liners require a jumbo muffin pan. They are great staple for the larger size muffins.

If you are a bakery, high-volume cupcakery, or specialty catering business – we recommend that you check out our Bakers Choice product line. We carry larger cases and higher volume discounts. And if you are not sure which liner and/or size is going to work for you – just email us! we’ll send on over some samples for you to try out.


Bakers Twine – 240 yards of colorful cotton!

I am super excited to share that we have launched our very own line of cotton bakers twine that is proudly made in the USA! Check out our shop for 13 colors of bakers twine – 240 yards, 100% cotton, 4-ply.   Also, we will be getting solid colored bakers twine into the shop by mid April – so check back with us for even more variety.




Pina Colada Cupcakes in Tulip Baking Cups

Missouri Farm Chick shared some Pina Colada Cupcakes that she made – they look super delicious and fancy in our white tulip baking cups! You can read her full post on her blog: My Kitchen Addictions.


Thanks for sharing Missouri Farm Chick!!

We now carry tulip baking cups in 4 colors: Brown, White, Red and Pink.  Our tulip baking cups are made from greaseproof paper and the tulip baking cups fit a standard baking pan. A great way to accent your cupcake and muffins for some extra flair.


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