Bakers Twine – 240 yards of colorful cotton!

I am super excited to share that we have launched our very own line of cotton bakers twine that is proudly made in the USA! Check out our shop for 13 colors of bakers twine – 240 yards, 100% cotton, 4-ply.   Also, we will be getting solid colored bakers twine into the shop by mid April – so check back with us for even more variety.




Bakers Twine – crafty fun

What is bakers twine? its colorful cotton cords that can be used of just about anything crafty and creative.  There are so many different types & colors- the ones that are super soft are 100% cotton.

Some ways you can use twine:

  •   Packaging up some yummy treats
  •   Scrapbooking
  •   Crafting Cards
  •   Wrapping up party favors
  •   Making Cupcakes!?! – well yes, they just aren’t edible 😉 …  you can see what i mean below…

Photo Credit: Mark Peterson

 Do you have bakers twine  and how have you used it?