{Tutorial Feature} How to Make Baptism Cupcakes

Hi everyone! So excited to be here! I’m Aikko from Bake Happy. I have been baking since I was six and I have been blogging about it for about four years now. You’ll see lots of sweet baking ideas on my blog, from baking a perfectly moist chocolate cake to making Angry Birds toppers in fondant. But today, I am so happy to be guest posting at Bakers Stock.

Before we start, I would like to thank Anu for inviting me over. Can’t tell you how elated I am when I got the invitation. I’ve thought long and hard on what to share to you Bakers Stock blog readers and I decided on showing you on how to make super easy Baptism Themed Cupcakes. I hope you like it guys!

How to Make a Bib Cupcake Topper


What we need:

Fondant in any color (for this one I’m using green)

Rolling pin


Round fondant cutter

Small piping tip (any number will do as we’ll just be needing the wider end of the tip)

Heart shaped sprinkles for design (optional) or small fondant heart cut outs

Here’s how:

(1) Roll green fondant thinly and cut out round shapes

(2) Using the wider end of a small piping tip, cut out a circle on the top part of the bib.

(3) See, super easy! At this point, you can start decorating the bib. For this tutorial, I just lightly pressed by knife on the edges of the bib to create a design on the border.

(4) An option would be to add a heart sprinkle on the center of the bib (or small fondant heart cut outs) or any design you would like.

How to Make Booties Cupcake Topper


What we need:

Fondant in 2 colors (for this one I’m using yellow and white)


Ball tool

Water and brush (to glue parts together)

Here’s how:

(1) From the yellow fondant,  roll two bean shapes and two small disc-shapes

(2) Place the disc shape on top of the bean shape. Glue them together using water and brush.

(3) Using the ball tool, press down on the disc shape. Make sure the ball tool you’ll use is smaller in diameter than the disc shape.

(3) Booties done!

To up the cuteness level, I added a ribbon using white fondant. But you can also add flowers or hearts instead. Possibilities are endless!

How to Make Onesie Cupcake Topper


What we need:

Fondant in any color (for this one I’m using white)

Rolling pin

Square fondant cutter

Round fondant cutter

Heart shaped sprinkles for design (optional)  or small fondant heart cut outs

Small piping tip (any number will do as we’ll just be needing the wider end of the tip)

Quilting Tool (optional)

Here’s how:

(1) Roll white fondant thinly and cut out squares using the fondant cutter

(2) Using the square cutter, cut out slender rectangles on the sides. By now, we have the basic t-shirt.

(3) Using the round cutter, cut a small quarter of a circle from the lower corners of the onesie.

(4) Using the small piping tip, cut a half moon on top of the square fondant.

(5) Here’s our basic onesie. To jazz it up, use a quilting tool and run it through the edges to create texture and add some details like heart sprinkles / small fondant heart cut outs.

There you have it, folks! Baptism themed cupcakes that are real easy to do and are just so cute you won’t hesitate to bite into when enjoying your cupcakes.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I do!

Happy baking!


{Party Feature} The Very Hungry Caterpillar Theme

A few months ago I attended a party for a very special little boy.  He turned one and his mom threw an incredibly fun birthday party with a Very Hungry Caterpillar Theme.  Like the boy, the party was AHHH-dorable.

In addition to the clown, face painting and bubbles to keep the little ones busy, the mommy extraordinaire also bought this cute pool and filled it with plastic balls and the little tots loved it.  I don’t recall there being a minute when there wasn’t a tyke or five sliding, jumping, or playing there!

Not only was it fun but it also added a huge splash of color and helped bring the theme’s colors together even more.  The birthday boy was honored with a caterpillar banner showing how much he’d grown from birth all the way to his wise 12 months:

The food was catered and no table is fully complete without buffet cards and naturally that Hungry Caterpillar showed up here too (along with some adorable snail, ladybug and sunshine friends)!


The thank you gifts/goody bags were colorful bags tagged with each child’s name and inside, along with the goodies, were paper animals that the kids could use at the party craft table.  Each child could attach the name tag, along with the animals to a picture frame that they decorated with markers.

Uh ya…there were a lot of kids there!

Tables were set up inside and out and the centerpieces had lovely plants with caterpillars and ladybugs matching the buffet cards tucked inside.


This momma definitely put her Cricut to use and it looked fantastic!

The cake was delicious and featured a fondant caterpillar upon a very artistic leaf while the birthday boy wore a Very Hungry Caterpillar crown made just for him along with a “My First Birthday” onesie.  He smiled through the whole party – that’s what I call a happy birthday!

{I’m a Baker} Sports Themed Cake & Cupcakes

I’m excited to announce the start of our I’m a Baker spotlight series. For all the baking enthusiasts, this is a series where we put a spotlight on your baking creations and adventures. It is a fun way to share something that you baked yourself!

Our first I’m a Baker spotlight is on Norma! Norma has some impressive creativity skills! Her father has been a baker for over 60 years and she has definitely taken after him and added some of her own baking personality into it.

Norma created this super fun sports themed birthday cake with matching cupcakes to celebrate a special first birthday! She added football, basketball and baseball accents around the cake and on each cupcake to tie it all together.

And look at this dessert table!

To look at some more of Norma’s amazing baking creations, you can go to her facebook and flickr pages.


{Party Feature} First Birthday Owl Theme

Ever since the fad of these cute owl themes, I have been wanting to work on one for a cake.  So when I went on birthday express to see what theme I would be doing for my sons first birthday I was ecstatic to find a cute 1st birthday owl theme.

I had many ideas but I knew that I would be super busy preparing for this party especially with 3 year old twin boys and my soon to be one year old running around. So I kept it simple. Instead of a 3D owl I decided to create the same owl image out of fondant from the theme onto a cake I made.

This is what I used to complete the owl.

  • small balls of brown, yellow and light blue fondant
  • 2oz of white fondant
  • 4oz of light brown fondant
  • medium oval cutter
  • small round piping tool
  • knife/scriber tool
  • cutouts of the owl

Here I cut the owl image from one of the paper plates shown.

After this I double taped the owl image onto the parchment paper.   Using parchment paper underneath the owl image would prevent sticking on the fondant.   Once I rolled out the light brown fondant to a 1/4 inch thickness I placed the owl image over the fondant and used the knife scribing tool to cut/trace around.  I then lay the fondant body of the owl on a separate board with cornstarch underneath to prevent from sticking.  I used the white fondant and oval cutter to cut out the eyes. From the excess of the white fondant and brown fondant I rolled the two together to make a lighter brown fondant for the feathery part of the body. I then placed this on the body of the owl and used the piping tool to make half circles (feathery look).  I finished up the rest of the details for the eyes and added the beak.

Here was the finished product.

Now with my luck, on the day of the party it rained.  I couldn’t believe it.  We had great summer weekends prior to this and of course on my son’s birthday party it had to rain.  So when it stopped raining we quickly set up the table for a quick birthday song before it started raining again.  We have here the cake and cupcakes that I made.

I was too busy to make my own cookies so I ordered these adorable owl cookies from TS Cookies on Etsy.  They came individually wrapped with coordinating ribbons.  I just loved them.

Children theme parties are a lot of fun to do but when it’s your own child it can really make you crazy.  I would definitely do it over and over again.  And I would probably do it indoors just in case it rains.  🙂

~ Karen @ Frosted With Emotion